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General Policies

Only add information about yourself or images portraying yourself (or what is specifically asked for). If you add information or images related to another person, make sure they approve.

We at Ensemble do NOT in any way condone or accept illegal or otherwise shithole behaviour. This includes (but is not limited to) abusive, sexist or racist texts or imagery. If we find such material, it will be swiftly removed. If you find any such material, please report this to your organizer or email info@ensemble.nu.

You yourself is responsible for the information you enter into Ensemble, so please do not upload copyright protected images or texts that violate our policy.

About Larpfund

We feel it is important to support the larp community, which is why 25% of what you pay when using Ensemble is donated directly to Larpfund. You can read more about the work Larpfund does to help larpers here.

Privacy Policy

The only personal data we save in our database is the data you yourself enter into Ensemble. This is usually limited to your real life name, how you want to be contacted and a photo of yourself. We at Ensemble have tried to limit access to each project, through the use of unique links, however we can not fully guarantee that a third party will not be able to access your information. Please take this into consideration when entering information into Ensemble.

We at Ensemble do not use your personal data in any way. We also do not keep any data once the project has been deleted from our system. This usually happens about a month after the project is ended, if nothing else has been requested by the organizer.

We do however take database backups every 24 hours, where your information might be kept, though these are protected and will not be used unless a critical technical problem occurs.

If you find any personal data that you wish to have removed from the system, please contact your organizer or email info@ensemble.nu.

Ensemble is created, owned and supported by Janusz Maxe and Lars Nordbeck. Any questions can be emailed to info@ensemble.nu.